We offer exclusive wedding planning services. Utilizing your budget to the max.

Creating a budget is one of the first and most essential steps to planning a wedding. Without a budget you cannot plan a wedding. There will be many, many decisions to make when preparing and planning your wedding. Put your budget in writing this will be a reality check as you go forward. We can help you adjust this budget allocating where your funds will get you the ultimate wedding experience.

Here are some questions to ask yourself to determine if you need to hire us for your wedding consultants.
Is your spare time already at a premium?
Does your fiancé have little or no interest in helping with the planning?
Is your wedding going to be in a town other than where you live?
Do you balance your checkbook only twice a year where it needs it or not?
Do you scratch your daily to-do lists on the back of old envelopes that you can never find again?
Is time rather than budget going to hold you back from having the wedding of your dreams?
Are you comfortable delegating?
Are you just interested in the results and don’t give a fig for the process?

If you answered YES to three or more of these questions then you are a perfect candidate for hiring a wedding consultant to see you through the planning process. We can mastermind the whole thing, checking with you for approval on the details, or they can carry out your own pre-stated wishes and desires, whichever you choose.